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We work hard to make your lab experience as easy as possible.

No matter the changes in technology, our job remains the same: to enable the clinician to achieve their practice goals.  Can you say the same for your lab?

Serious Time Saving Workflows

RDL is focused on bringing you the real things that make a difference in your practice: not a different zirconia, but practical workflows to get the most of your chair time.

Modern Support

We can be on your system in seconds to help with evaluation of scans, and more is coming with RDL+.

Complex Implant Treatment Planning Support

We’ve been helping clinicians like you find the right path forward with both existing and new implant cases for decades.

Comprehensive Implant Support

Start Streamlining Your Practice Now

The Ultimate Goal of our business is to enable you, the clinician, to get more done with us as your partner than with any other lab.

Learn about our Independent Research on 3D Printed resins with Western Kentucky University

Just before 2020, RDL began a reasearch project with the Engineering Department at Western Kentucky University.  The results were suprising to us.  We think you’ll be excited about them.