Russellville Dental Lab has been producing Removable Prosthetics for discerning clinicians for over 65 years. We want to help you get your desired results from working with us.  Dentures, Partials, Flex Appliances, and more are all available now.

Bite Guards

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RDL can provide a variety of soft, hard, and dual laminate style bite guards for grinding, sport, or other applications. Production from digital scans and intraoral scanners available today.

Cast Partials

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We offer cast partials made with Vitallium alloy and processed with our Ivocap injection denture process. Vitallium is the most trusted name in cast partial frameworks, and you will be pleased with the level of craftsmanship delivered to you.    

Ivoclar Vivodent PE Teeth

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In nearly 60 years of creating dentures for our clinicians and their patients we've used a huge variety of denture teeth.  SR Vivodent PE denture teeth are the teeth we recommend when asked about using a "high end" denture tooth.  High durability, a highly esthetic layered design, and great wear make these teeth one of the first choices of both our technicians and our discerning clients. [wpdm_package id=11985 template="link-template-panel"] [wpdm_package id=11986 template="link-template-panel"]

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