Crown & Bridge

Our Fixed Crown & Bridge Solutions have been a mainstay of our product catalog since the 1960s.  We feature PFM, IPS e.Max, Full Cast Crowns, Milled Bridges, and Full Arch Solutions as well.

Procera All-Ceramic Crowns & Bridges

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Nobel Biocare All-Ceramic crowns and bridges offer a multitude of metal-free restorative options, and the shaded zirconia offered by Nobel Biocare is the only shaded zirconia with no strength degradation from coloring. [wpdm_package id=12250 template="link-template-panel"] [wpdm_package id=12251 template="link-template-panel"]

IPS e.Max Crowns & Bridges

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Ivoclar's IPS e.Max system is available at RDL. Specifically, we're big proponents of the milled CAD version of e.Max because of the uniformity of the material. High-strength lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) featuring a flexural strength of 360 MPa Excellent esthetics and optional customization Comprehensive indication range Extensive clinical evidence from long-term scientific studies Fast and efficient processing Clinically proven and versatile cementation options [wpdm_package id=12030 template="link-template-panel"]  

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