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Recently Kevin Coursey, Russellville Dental Lab partner and ceramist, had the opportunity to attend the Dawson Center for the Advancement of Dentistry in St. Petersberg, FL for an in depth course on Occlusion and Function.  The course spanned two and a half days at the Dawson Training Center’s facility.

The course, taught by Vernon H. “Buddy” Shafer, Jr., C.D.T., included lecture, discussion of masticatory system, the temporomandibular joint, centric relation, the neutral zone, anterior guidance, envelope of function and requirements for occlusal stability.

The goal of the course is to level the field between technician and dentist so that both can work towards the best possible outcome for the patient.  Kevin was very impressed with the course and feels he brought a lot away from it.


For more information about Dawson Training you can visit The Dawson Academy website.  Training is available for both Clinicians and Technicians in several different focus areas.


IOS Scanners are More Than Impression Tools

If you’re like most practices, you got a new IOS Scanner like Trios or PrimeScan and you haven’t been shown much more than just crown impressions and maybe ortho.

There’s more. Tons more. We want to help.