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Whether you’re part of a busy multi-partner practice with daily team meetings or if you’re a small town clinic with a small staff we feel like you should be able to interact with your lab in the way you choose.

We want to be your lab of choice, so here are some of the improvements we’ve made so that you can focus on what matters most – your patients and your practice.

Improved File Uploads

Now works with Web and Mobile, made to get your files to RDL in the simplest way possible.  Our File Upload Utility lets you drag and drop patient images, radiographs, CT scan data, and digital impression files right to us.


Customer Account Portal

customer portal

Our new customer portal, available through “My Account” on the main menu of our website, allows you to check the status of all of your cases, download invoices, get tracking information, and more.  You can even upload file photos directly to the case file or make a note for us to see after hours.  To get started, you’ll need to contact our Support Team by calling us directly at 1.877.714.6595. Your office managers can set up primary accounts and even delegate accounts to your team members. If you’re in one of our existing

Automatic Bill Pay

Skip the hassle, and save the labor.  You can schedule automatic payment to the lab for each case, each day, or each month.  One of our most popular features for clients saving miles or bonus points with their Credit Card.  Who doesn’t like perks?

Improved Notifications

You asked, and we listened.  You can now have notifications about your cases sent to the right people in your office?  If you want invoices to go to the bookkeepers, case shipment notifications to go to the front desk, and case “On Hold” alerts to be sent to the assistants, you can do it.  We now provide electronic invoices, e-statements, and all of our case alerts that can be configured to match your office needs.  Talk to our Support Team to get more information.

IOS Scanners are More Than Impression Tools

If you’re like most practices, you got a new IOS Scanner like Trios or PrimeScan and you haven’t been shown much more than just crown impressions and maybe ortho.

There’s more. Tons more. We want to help.