Nance Appliance

September 11, 2023

A Nance Appliance Nance Holding Appliance at Orthodontics Russellville Dental Lab
A Nance Appliance Nance Holding Appliance at Orthodontics Russellville Dental Lab

Nance Appliance

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The Nance Appliance is designed to keep upper molars from turning or shifting forward after the removal of baby teeth or during orthodontic treatment. Some patients require this appliance while they wait for their permanent bicuspids or premolars to come in.

This device has an acrylic stop that sits comfortably along the palate with bands that are placed on each of the two back molars. A wire connects the bands and a small amount of acrylic is located at the center of the wire.

  • It rotates the molars in a more favorable position and prevents spontaneous movement of the top teeth
  • It can correct improper bites, including deep overbites
  • The appliance moves molars as a group, rather than individually
  • It is a fixed and cemented device that is easy for children to care for
  • It is invisible and does not affect speech in children
  • It can help to prevent tongue thrusting
  • Can be used to aid in fixing the damage caused by excessive thumb sucking
  • It can help a small lower jaw to grow and develop properly.
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