Fully Digital Duplidenture+ Workflow (ED2-D) (2 Visits)

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Fully Digital Duplidenture+ Workflow (ED2-D) (2 Visits)

Your patient has a denture, but it needs something more. The DupliDenture+ Workflow will help you get those changes made and get a happy patient in less time.

Overview for this Workflow

Your patient has an existing denture, but they want something a little better.  If your patent’s denture can be made to fit intimately with a Wash/Reline Impression and the bite and vertical can be captured (even if it needs to be adjusted), all other adjustments such as tooth shape, color, size, can be managed.

Further, this workflow can save you substantial time on traditional workflows where you “start from scratch”.  The newly designed denture will also be stored in the RDL Design Vault for up to 10 Years.

Benefits of This Workflow

This workflow, if followed consistently, should lead to an approximate time savings of 50% or more on patients who meet the criteria.  This workflow can save up to two (2) chairside appointments over a normal, analog patient.

Patient Identification

Clinical and Lab Goals

Indications & Contraindications

Setting Patient Expectations

Before you begin, explain to the patient that you’re going to be using the latest technology.  Focus on explaining we can “3D Image” your denture and it becomes permanently digital.  In the future, we won’t have to “start from scratch” because we have this as a baseline.

When the patient has an existing prosthetic this means they’ve already had an experience with “old style” impressions and processes.  This is an opportunity to create a new, positive experience.  The best way to do this is by sharing with the patient about the amazing solutions you provide.

First Clinical Visit

In this visit, you will capture the key diagnostic impressions needed to complete the case

First Visit Keys to Success

  • Before you begin, mark and/or record the vertical of the patient.
  • Discuss with patient what they do and don’t like about their existing denture. Include notes to the laboratory in regards to requested changes.
  • Take a quality reline impression. Re-check the vertical to confirm any changes. Communicate any change in vertical (due to impression material) to the lab.
  • Obtain an opposing scan
  • Obtain a bite scan with the denture in the mouth in correct bite with opposing arch.
  • Scan the denture by itself (removed from the mouth) using the Denture Scan technique for your scanner.
  • Take the Hero Picture
  • Remove the reline impression and return denture to patient at end of appointment.

Can we help you plan a custom workflow for you specific patient’s needs?

First Laboratory Procedure

At the lab, we will do Basic Smile Design and evaluation, design the denture according to any specifications required, and produce a 3D Printed, high quality, repeatable denture with a 10-Year Vault Guarantee.

  • Basic Smile Design
  • Denture Design
  • Denture Production

The Lab Will Return:

  • The Patient’s New Denture

Final Clinical Visit


The patient’s new, digitally designed and fabricated denture should be ready for delivery with minimal adjustments.

Your patient’s new denture is protected by the RDL Digital Design Vault, with at least 10 years of backup.

Further, if changes are neccesary in the future, you can replicate this workflow to send adjusted versions of the denture through your digital impression system.