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3M™ has announced they will discontinue the manufacture and sale of the 3M™ ESPE™ Mini Dental Implant product line on September 1, 2016.

3M ESPE MDI products will be available for purchase until August 31, 2016, subject to available supply.

After September 1, 2016, selected components will be available for purchase to help support existing cases.  Currently, 3M expects to maintain the select components for 6 years.

Russellville Dental Lab will continue to support restorations previously prescribed with this product line as components are available from the manufacturer.   As always, we will do our best to help with alternatives upon request.

For questions, please contact Lee Coursey or anyone on the Support Team at RDL at (270) 726-6653

IOS Scanners are More Than Impression Tools

If you’re like most practices, you got a new IOS Scanner like Trios or PrimeScan and you haven’t been shown much more than just crown impressions and maybe ortho.

There’s more. Tons more. We want to help.