Use The My Account Portal with RDL

2023-09-11T13:54:25-05:00How To..., Support|

We've put together a quick 4 minute video to walk you through the basics of our My Account portal for clinicians. After lengthy discussions with practices just like yours, we've developed a system that allows you to quickly and easily access the most common points of information - saving you time on the phone when [...]

Use a Bite Gauge (Video)

2017-05-25T09:43:33-05:00How To...|

The Alma Bite Gauge allows you to get accurate vertical dimensions, either from predefined points on the patients face or by using it under the chin, and give you realistic information to adjust the patients vertical accordingly. Video © Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.

Use a Papillameter (Video)

2017-05-25T09:43:34-05:00How To...|

The papillameter is a device designed to allow you to record and transfer information about the patients lip line to us at the dental lab in order to better judge the aesthetic portion of denture fabrication.  With the measurements off of the papillameter we are able to show the correct ratio of pink and white. [...]

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