Russellville Dental Lab understands that the world of Dental is changing rapidly, and technologies like chairside 3D Printers and IOS Scanners are permanently altering the way we practice.  We can support your technology stack here.

Dexis IS 3800 Scanner

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Dental practitioners are getting a whole new experience in acquiring impressions: freedom. Freedom from cables, freedom to pursue their preferred workflow, freedom to pay only for what they use, and freedom to interact with their partners, how they prefer, when they prefer. And, as the result of a renewed collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche, the IS 3800W displays a timeless, ergonomic design that ensures a high-performance scanning experience.

3Shape Trios 5 Scanner

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Jump to Videos 3Shape Trios 5 Introduction Introducing the revolutionary 3Shape Trios 5 Scanner, a game-changer in the field of digital dentistry. This cutting-edge intraoral scanner has redefined the way dental professionals conduct procedures and treat patients. With its exceptional precision and advanced imaging technology, the Trios 5 delivers highly detailed 3D models of the patient's oral structure, ensuring accurate treatment planning and superior restorative outcomes. The scanner's impressive capabilities streamline workflows and enhance patient comfort, reducing chair time and improving the overall patient experience. [...]

Mastering Single Unit Restorative Cases with the iTero® Intraoral Scanner

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Efficiency and accuracy are paramount when it comes to restorative cases. The iTero® intraoral scanner is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of scanning and charting for single unit restorations. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the key steps involved in using the iTero® scanner for a single unit prep, ensuring precise results and streamlined workflow.

IOS Scanners are More Than Impression Tools

If you’re like most practices, you got a new IOS Scanner like Trios or PrimeScan and you haven’t been shown much more than just crown impressions and maybe ortho.

There’s more. Tons more. We want to help.

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