Dental Implant System Support

By Published On: January 2nd, 20230.9 min read
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What Implant Systems does Russellville Dental Lab support?

While clinicians and surgeons have to focus on one or just a few of  dental implant systems, Russellville Dental Lab supports hundreds of implants systems every day.  Read more now, and find out about Genuine First promises.

Dental Implant System Support for 40 years

Russellville Dental Lab has been restoring fixed, removable, and hybrid implant solutions since the early 1980’s. We are proud to have Dental Implant restorations still being maintained at over 35 years.

The owners and management of Russellville Dental Lab have spent tens of thousands of hours studying implants abutment and full arch solutions.  We take the commitment to restoring on dental implants as the serious and intensive practice it is.

The list of dental implants and related platforms that we support is long, and we frequently are the go-to provider for those hard-to-find implants and cases, even restoring blade-style implants and bone staple implant cases in modern, progressive workflows.

We Support Nobel Biocare Dental Implants

We Support Biohorizons Dental Implants

We Support Straumann Dental Implants

IOS Scanners are More Than Impression Tools

If you’re like most practices, you got a new IOS Scanner like Trios or PrimeScan and you haven’t been shown much more than just crown impressions and maybe ortho.

There’s more. Tons more. We want to help.

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