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The newly announced Straumann SRA Screw-Retained Abutment is available, and RDL is ready to help you with your Genuine Straumann Restoration.

The Straumann® Screw-Retained Abutment (SRA) system has been developed to help:

  • Streamline communication between clinician and lab allowing for optimal results the first time; reducing unnecessary “re-dos”
  • Offer a simple, stable and reliable solution for nearly any case (even for tilted implants)
  • Provide a long-lasting, easy-to-clean permanent restoration
  • Limit your chair time / wait time, helping you WOW your patients from beginning to end with fast, predictable results

At RDL we have the experience and abilities you need to achieve optimal clinical results and we have the support team in place to facilitate smooth collaboration from placement to final restoration!

Straumann Implants

First things first. Any implant based replacement option is only as good as the implant it is built on. The SRA system has been designed to work with Straumann’s Bone Level implants – giving you the reliable implant integration you’ve come to expect, the ease of placement with Straumann’s CrossFit connection and the confidence of having a wider range of full arch implant restorative options in your arsenal – whether it be 4 implants with angled posterior implants to provide greater A/P spread with less, or whether you’re going for a more traditional 6 or 8 implant placement. The SRA gives you the prosthetic predictability you desire.
Screw-retained Bridges and Bars

For ‘all-on-4’ (full arch) restorations or fixed bridge restorations, the Straumann Screw-retained Bridges and Bars (SRBB) system offers a direct connection to implants and delivers a one-piece solution that we will mill to meet your exact specifications for both the fit and appearance of the final restoration.

Your patients will love that the Straumann Fixed Bar shows no visible metal and can be completely wrapped in acrylic, allowing for a beautiful, natural looking smile.
You will love how this feature allows you to easily reline the restoration if adjustments to the design or fit are desired.

All Straumann Bridges and Bars from Russellville Dental Lab are Genuine Straumann Restorations with the Straumann CARES and SRBB system on the CS2 Scanner

Screw-receiving Abutments

The Straumann® SRA Screw-Receiving Abutments are designed to achieve excellent esthetic and functional results. The abutment portfolio allows for fixed screw-retained full arch restorations even in cases where tilted implants are inevitable (individual circumstances may vary of course). The new Straumann Screw-Retained Abutments are designed to provide flexibility when treating edentulous patients with Straumann® Bone Level implants. Furthermore, the portfolio allows for the possibility of conventional immediate temporization.

Our lab has enjoyed years of clinical and aesthetic success with similar restorations. The wide range of abutment options available within the system combined with our technical knowledge and abilities is a recipe for your success.

Bottom line:
We here at RDL can’t wait to help turn your wonderful patients into raving fans – they are going to look and feel great with their new Straumann Screw-retained restorations!

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