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The Straumann Pro Arch concept has been designed to allow surgeons and clinicians to achieve predictable results in a wide variety of applications with the use of Straumann Screw Receiving Abutments and the Screw Retained Bars & Bridges (SRBB) produced by Straumann Certified Design Labs like RDL.

Features Include:

  • Abutments with a low profile design, additional abutment angulations and universal abutment connector
  • Abutment portfolio allows immediate temporization to deliver teeth within a short period of time, when good primary stability exists
  • High-end final restorations with the option for custom-milled hybrid and wrap-around designs

Russellville Dental Lab has been a Certified Straumann Design Center for nearly 10 years and we’ve worked to create Genuine Straumann restorations for clinicians all over the United States for even longer.  We understand what you’re looking to accomplish with these cases, and we’d like to put our expertise with Full Arch Restorations to work for you on your Straumann Implants.

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