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The Procera Implant Bridge (PIB) is a milled Titanium implant or abutment retained bridge framework that is completely passive.  You’ve probably heard about it as the best choice for restoration of the All-On-4 surgical concept, but there’s more to it that that.  Patients love it, and we’ll tell you why.

The PIB is a fixed-hybrid prosthesis.  It’s removable by the doctor, but not by that patient.  Patients love it because they don’t have to worry about removing the prosthesis and cleaning/maintenance is made easy by appropriate design.  Doctors love it because, in the right hands (ours), it can be crafted to be basically self cleaning and the comparative low cost versus other full arch restoration options makes for a higher patient acceptance rate.

In summary, it’s an esthetic solution that is easily installed, easily repaired should something happen, sollid as a rock, and patients love to pay for them when the benefits are explained.  Further, compared to other more costly implant restorations, the milled bar sub-structure can be refinished with new teeth and new acrylic at any time – so changing occlusal schemes for for a new opposing appliance or simply redesigning a smile for a new look is significantly less expensive.

  • exceptional precision fit
    – minimized risk for screw fracture
    – minimized risk for screw loosening
  • natural passive fit, making cast bars obsolete
  • bio-compatibility for enhanced Soft Tissue Integration
  • exceptional strength, free from distortions and defects
  • free-form design of framework for ultimate esthetic outcome
  • predictability, eliminating try-in steps, reducing chair time
  • a defect-free result and predictable precision to <20 microns
  • precision-milling from a solid piece of zirconia/titanium.


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